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  • 2012-09-30: Well, after last weeks lackluster display of five new photos, I have stepped my game up considerably this week by taking five decent enough pictures of my quite easy to get good pictures of children. You can find them at the end of this sentence that I am typing.

    Here's Zoe patiently waiting her turn at bat. She is not nearly this patient at home.

    Zoe shows off her newly trimmed bangs and her awesome new hair thingy which likely has a name.

    Zoe's music class features stomping on a rainbow parachute, apparently.

    I need to get Zoe a shirt made out of Swiffer pads.

    Here's Niklas showing off his switch hitting skills.

    2012-09-23: Here are five new pictures, only two of which feature faces. It's been a slow week of picture taking as you can see.

    Here's Niklas learning about the perils of allowing a be-hatted cat loose in the house.

    Even Iron Man loves Star Wars pajamas.

    Here's Zoe showing off her big girl swinging skills.

    And here she is acting like a crazy person.

    I'm a big fan of these guys. At least one of them is obviously a big fan of ice cream.

    2012-09-16: Here are some pictures of some of the more fun school related things we've been doing. We do a lot of actual worksheets and stuff, too, but that makes for a dull picture. Yes, even duller than these.

    Here's Zoe showing off a proclivity for the long ball.

    As always, Zoe is a motivated self-starter.

    Here's Zoe getting coached up a bit.

    Just another day in the lab for Niklas.

    The word "cacophony" is thrown around an awful lot these days...

    I've started calling our trips to the playground "PE/recess".

    Here's Niklas's art class masterpiece.

    This seems about right.

    Here's Zoe showing off the cowboy boots she got last Christmas.

    I assure you that this ride on the carousel at the zoo was quite educational.

    Niklas has declared himself to be the ruling monarch of this particular castle.


    Here's Niklas showing a lemon who runs what in this town.

    Fun fact: Zoe kept trying to eat the cake "batter" when the only ingredients that had been added were oil and eggs.

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Six!

    2012-09-09: Here are some new pictures of the Zoo and Comiskey Park. The kids are probably in them, too.

    So here's some giant guy who looks like my baby getting ready to start school.

    Here's Zoe just looking cute at the zoo (technically, zoo-adjacent).

    Zoe tries to maintain a friendly relationship with the neighborhood ducks.

    Although Zoe is getting taller, she's not yet at giraffe height.

    Here's Zoe applying her climbing skills in an approved venue for once.

    Her climb through a tight space skill is also rarely applied so acceptably.

    Here's Zoe yelling "hmmph" at some camels.

    There are some questionable characters in this shot.

    Niklas and Aaron enjoyed a seat upgrade for a bit.

    The boys made it all nine innings, but that took a toll.

    2012-09-03: Despite the temperature outside, summer is over. I had an Oktoberfest the other day, so that seals it. Anyway, here are some pictures of the last days of summer.

    This was not... not... NOT responsible for Zoe's face scrape.

    This attempt went a little better.

    Zoe and I share a love of sitting around.

    I have a feeling that I could spray a hose in their general direction and the kids would still have a great time.

    You can't really tell, but this is Niklas trying to splash water on me. He was fairly successful.

    Here is Niklas continuing his successful endeavors.

    This is apparently very funny.

    Niklas's favorite Deep Purple song? Speeeeeeeeeed king.

    Here are a couple of soggy children.

    Niklas: "The water is shooting me in the crotch!" Me: "Stop yelling 'crotch'."

    Here's Niklas with his Victory Over Preschool ice cream.

    Zoe's ice cream was not the result of educational triumphs, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Here's Zoe either waving or showing off her golf swing which obviously needs some work.

    Niklas vs Darth Vader: Who ya got?

    Thanks again, orange room. Niklas will miss you!