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  • 2012-10-02: So I was going to update this yesterday, but the only new picture I had then was the one of Zoe's shoes. It's still probably the best one.

    As Andrya's daughter, Zoe has a genetic predisposition for shoe liking.

    It's always a good time when the big drum makes an appearance at music class.

    Zoe takes a moment to collect herself after dropping several metric tons of rock.

    Zoe wants to corner of the table to know that this ain't over.

    2012-10-07: So the Alcot-Toberfest was a blast yesterday. I only took one good picture on account of how it's hard to take pictures and eat tacos and I have priorities of a taco-ish nature.

    Here's Zoe killing time while waiting for Niklas to get out of school.

    Zoe was more into the idea of dressing like a ghost as opposed to the actual execution.

    Niklas brings his own particular style to the cupcake walk.

    2012-10-23: So I guess if I have pictures from three different music classes, it means it's been a while since the pictures were updated. Sorry about that. Anyway, here are some pictures from three weeks of music class and even some other stuff.

    Action shot!

    Here's Niklas showing off his new haircut and Zoe showing off her ability to muscle her way into a picture.

    And here's Zoe showing off her new boots and most of her head. I learned this framing technique from my mom.

    The big drum is always a highlight of music class for Zoe.

    There's either been a gas attack or the kids are waiting for a parachute to land on their heads. That's awesome, for some reason.

    This looks way too much like Zoe's about to kiss that boy. Let's just move on.

    Here's what happens when Zoe decides she wants to floss her own teeth.

    The kids like to play a game called shake the tree. It's appeal is lost on me.

    This is just a cute picture.

    Here's Zoe talking to a guy who was at my wedding.

    This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

    Dance party!

    Here's Zoe after two days of no naps.

    The underlines mean Niklas didn't know how to spell the words. If you ask me, his spellings make more sense. The second one, anyway.

    Zoe is excited about the myriad leaf kicking opportunities this time of year.

    Here's Zoe cold putting on a clinic on how to climb through the climby thing at the zoo.

    Fun fact: there's a three year old about ten feet behind her who's laying down some impressively panicked screaming.

    If there were a baby hippo rodeo, I think Zoe would do pretty well.

    This is the opposite of the face she makes when I make here ride inside the cart.

    Looking good, ladies. Looking good.

    Here are Andrya, Zoe and a mostly obscured Niklas.

    Oh, here they all are. Yelling, for some reason.

    I assume that Foofa always travels about with a Clone Trooper escort.


    "Look at all the colors, man."

    2012-10-28: Here are some new pictures. Four counts as "some", right? I'm pretty sure it does. A full 75% even include the children, so there's that.

    This is where Niklas spends most of his time these days.

    Zoe's claims of being a "scary witch" are dubious at best.

    Here's Zoe and her pal Foofa.

    It wouldn't be that hard to dress Zoe up as Niklas for Halloween, I'll tell you that.

    2012-10-31: Happy Halloween, everyone! Rather than load up the first November photo update with Halloween pictures (a tradition six years running!) I thought I chuck some up tonight while I watch Scream, which is one of the first movies Niklas ever saw.

    Zoe is much better at jumping through literal hoops than metaphorical ones.

    I'm surprised Zoe can walk a balance beam given the frequency with which she falls down while just walking around.

    Zoe shows off her "I knocked down some cones" smile.

    "Ewwwwww!" laughed Zoe.

    Nothing says fun like slimey pumpkin guts, or so it would seem.

    Here's Niklas not yelling about having to reach into the pumpkin, so score.

    Zoe's got guts if you need 'em.

    Here's Zoe and a girl who's name escapes me at music class this week.

    Niklas enjoys the nose saving/vision allowing modifications we made to his helmet.

    These guys are ready to liberate some candy from our neighbors. (Note: Success!)

    Here's Niklas in his school's Halloween parade which pretty much involved the kids walking around the neighborhood casing homes to trick-or-treat later.

    This is Niklas with his friends Nathan, Jack and Eli.

    If Niklas is going to shoot me with the finger guns, I might have to retaliate with some boot bombs.

    Really, though, I don't know what was up with the finger thing.